We work to support, enable and champion volunteers.

Why not give some time to help make a positive difference in our local community? 
Whether it's an occasional hour or a regular weekly commitment, we're here to help you find the right volunteer opportunity.

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Tips on using our volunteering platform

How to Find Volunteer Opportunities in 6 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Search
Look for Volunteer Roles

Step 2: Choose Pick what interests you:
• Areas: Different types of organisations you can volunteer for, like helping animals or children.
• Activities: Different types of volunteer tasks you could do.
• Advanced Search: Use this if you need specific details like days you're available or if there's disabled access.

Step 3: Sign Up.
Found something you like? Great!
Let the organisation know you're interested by sending them a message. Tell them why you want to volunteer, what skills you have, and what info you need.
Then, you'll need to register your details.
Remember: Fill out your personal profile in full – incomplete profiles are not accepted.

Step 4: Search and Send.
Once you're registered, you can look for more opportunities. But remember, we'll only send your info to the organisation once you're approved as a volunteer (so make sure your profile is complete).
You can send messages to up to 3 roles you're interested in.

Step 5: Wait for Feedback.
We'll send your info (along with your message) to the organisation advertising the roles. They should get in touch within 10 working days.
Let us know if you don't hear back, and we'll investigate.
You can check the details of the roles you're interested in and see the organisation's contact info by logging in and going to Your Volunteering Roles.